Model and cookbook writer Chrissy Teigen uncovered Wednesday in a meeting with Cosmopolitan that she battles with liquor mishandle.

“I was, point blank, just drinking too much. I got used to being in hair and makeup and having a glass of wine,” the “Lip Sync Battle” host said. “Then that glass of wine would carry over into me having one before the awards show. And then a bunch at the awards show. And then I felt bad for making kind of an ass of myself to people that I really respected. And that feeling, there’s just nothing like that. You feel horrible. It’s not a good look for me, for John (Legend, my husband), for anybody.”

USA Today detailed that Tiegen has posted recordings of herself while she was flushed some time recently. One video posted in February indicated Legend helping her remove her adornments after the Grammy Awards appear.

Tiegen revealed to Cosmo that her family has a past filled with liquor manhandle and that she “can’t just have one drink.”

She and her significant other, who are guardians to girl Luna, 16 months, have gone on a progression of excursions before they start in vitro preparation medications as they endeavor to have another kid. Luna was imagined by means of IVF in 2015.

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