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Ashley Judd: ‘I was not frightened of Harvey Weinstein’



Actress  Ashley Judd said in another meeting she trusts motion picture investor Harvey Weinstein destroyed her profession since she was not hesitant to face his lewd gestures.

“I was not frightened of Harvey Weinstein and I think that was why he blackballed me,” Judd told host Stephen Sackur on BBC’s “Hardtalk.”

“I think that is why he blacklisted me and did unfortunately as we know now such a successful job sabotaging my career,” she said during the interview, which is set to air in full on Monday.

Judd and also many other ladies approached a year ago blaming Weinstein for lewd behavior that stemmed more than three decades.

Numerous ladies said he employed his energy in the motion picture industry to weight ladies into sexual acts.

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