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Cara Delevingne says,’Important to talk about mental illness’


Hollywood actress  and model Cara Delevingne, who has over and again discussed her battle with emotional well-being, feels that it is truly vital to discuss psychological maladjustment.

The ‘Suicide Squad’ star who battled with wretchedness as an adolescent, think it is pivotal to discuss these issues in a way that youngsters can interface with, as it can enable them to comprehend they’re not the only one, as per People Magazine.

While giving a meeting to the production, she stated, “‘I think it’s really important that in this book, and generally, that mental illness is talked about. I think my depression came from a mixture of things, whether it was from pressure from, not only myself, but to do well in school, from my parents to get good grades, and to be someone I thought I was that I wasn’t.”

Adding, “You bottle so much up, you end up going mad. When you bottle emotions up that’s when it leads to [your] downfall.”

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