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Coldplay’s new album- Incase you havn’t watched it yet!

What’s a guaranteed way to make Coldplay suddenly very, very cool? A music video starring Beyonce is a damn good start.

We’ve known for years that Beyoncé and Jay Z were pals with Coldplay frontman Chris Martin and his now ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow,with Gwen and Bey doing most of the public friendship stuff, exchanging birthday Instagrams and the like.But news broke last fall that Beyoncé would be guesting on Coldplay’s new album A Head Full of Dreams, and she’s set to appear with the band during their Super Bowl halftime performance at February 7.So a music video collaboration probably shouldn’t be that surprising.

And yet, look at this video! “Hymn for the Weekend” is the closest thing Coldplay will probably ever come to a “party jam,” and the video has the same energetic vibe, featuring Queen Bey as a kind of Bollywood goddess, appearing on TV screens and otherwise far away from the color-splashed outdoor concerts Coldplay seems to be giving across India.Why set this video in India?If the answer is just “to give Beyoncé a fantastic Bollywood-inspired headdress” then that is good enough for us.