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Beyonce and Bruno Mars overshadow Chris Martin in Super Bowl 2016

Give Chris Martin and Coldplay credit: It takes a specific absence of inner self for performers to basically let themselves be upstaged at their own Super Bowl appear.The British band welcomed Beyonce and Bruno Mars to share the spotlight Sunday for the halftime spectacle, which developed into a 50th commemoration tribute to Super Bowl shows of yore. Both of the visitor specialists, with experience as main events of their own on the year’s greatest amusement stage, pushed up the show’s vitality level.


Martin and Coldplay have a decent ear for pop snares and despite the fact that they make a decent attempt, experience issues directing a stage as large as this. With the opening “Viva La Vida” and piece of “Paradise,” they appeared to become mixed up in their surroundings — the pinwheels of shading on the floor of the stage, the youngsters turning out with violins, the artists taking a shot at the field.

On “Adventure of a Lifetime,” their most recent hit, Martin withdrew and cooperated with his kindred band individuals as opposed to working the group and the performance was much more grounded for it.

At that point he surrendered the stage to a sure and guaranteed Mars and a group of foundation artists. There was justifiable reason: “Uptown Funk” crackled with a vitality unmatched by any of Coldplay’s material.

Beyonce took the field, encompassed by artists with comparative Afros to sing some portion of her new black power anthem, “Formation.” It was a gutsy move: Martin had said a week ago that he wouldn’t perform Coldplay’s cooperation with Queen Bey, “Hymn For the Weekend,” since it was too new. Rather, she breaks out a melody discharged this weekend a considerable lot of the 100 million or more viewing on TV likely hadn’t listened. Since she can.

She worked it hard, and got herself in the nick of time after almost slipping and falling on a move. With Mars and Martin, they segued into a mashup of “Uptown Funk” and “Formation.”

Martin then took to the piano for a tribute to past halftime appears, including bits of U2’s “Beautiful Day” and Prince’s “Purple Rain,” as video clasps broadcast of past performances (No Janet Jackson, however — the NFL would pretty much as soon overlook that one). Beyonce’s outfit itself might have been a tribute to Michael Jackson’s 1993 appear, which brought Super Bowl halftimes into the cutting edge age.

SANTA CLARA, CA - FEBRUARY 07:  (Center) Bruno Mars performs during the Pepsi Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show at Levi's Stadium on February 7, 2016 in Santa Clara, California.  (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)


Wistfulness is fine, however in a 12-minute demonstrate, the tribute appeared a misuse of the star power effectively exhibited on the stage. Martin, Mars and Beyonce completed firmly, nonetheless, singing a cooperation that finished with the group of onlookers holding notices that spelled out “Believe in Love.”

The soft drink company sponsoring the halftime show was somewhat cumbersome, attempting to make a commercia with Janelle Monae appear like part of the appear, and having additional items hold up bulletins with their symbol on the field.

Prior to the game, Lady Gaga performed a classicaly beautiful form of the national anthem, of praise, joined by a piano and looking sharp in a red pantsuit with coordinating eye shadow. Maybe calmed with the pressure done, she vamped a little on “the brave” toward the end, bringing on a ripple among wagering houses that every year set chances on to what extent it would take to sing “The Star Spangled Banner”.