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Drake Raps About Rumored Ex Jennifer Lopez In New Track, ‘Diplomatic Immunity’


Is Drake still hung up on JLo?

The “Perspectives” rapper astounded fans with two new tunes from his up and coming EP, “Scary Hours,” at midnight on Saturday morning.

The second track, “Diplomatic Immunity,” made a clear mention of Jennifer Lopez, the musician’s rumored former fling.

“2010 was when I lost my halo, 2017 I lost a JLo,” Drake raps.

“A Rotterdam trip had me on the front page, though,” he continues – the first two syllables seeming to craftily allude to JLo’s new beau, ARod.

Drake and Jennifer stood out as truly newsworthy in 2016 after the two got comfortable backstage after the last’s Dec. 11 show in Las Vegas.

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