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‘I was desperate’: Liam Payne admits he felt excluded by Cheryl’s close bond with baby Bear


Liam Payne has opened up about how he attempted to discover his place as a father in the wake of feeling prohibited by Cheryl’s nearby bond with their infant child.

The vocalist – who invited infant Bear with Chezza in March 2017 – concedes he felt ‘edgy’ to be included by one means or another and attempted to center around what he could do.

‘A mother and a child is the most beautiful thing to watch, but they’re the closest thing ever – and you’re close, but you’ll never be as close,’ says Liam, 24.

‘Their hearts were beating at the same time at one point, for god’s sake! You’re never going to be as close as that.

‘So a lot of dads feel put out, in that sense. I didn’t really feel put out, but I was like, “Where’s my place?” I was desperate to find out what I was meant to do – changing nappies and whatever else.’

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