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I’ve always been shy: Jamie Dornan

Actor Jamie Dornan is very “shy” and feels more confident when he’s working than in his ordinary life.

“I’ve always been shy, particularly at school. But as you grow up, you open up more, especially when you have kids. I still don’t think I’m very confident. I’m polite, though, which helps you get through uncomfortable situations because most people respond well to manners.

“Or I’ll talk to myself to get psyched up, especially if I have to do any sort of public speaking. Sometimes, I just talk nonsense right up until the event to take my mind off anything that’s about to happen.”

The “Fifty Shades of Grey” star said it’s far easier to be confident on set than in his real life, reports

He said: “It’s easier to feel confident on set than it is in real life. When you’re acting, you’re hiding behind a character and, even though a film or TV programme will eventually be seen by the masses, in that given moment of filming, it’s very intimate.

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