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Jinder Mahal: With The Great Khali behind me, I am truly unstoppable


Jinder Mahal held his WWE Championship title in the third-historically speaking Punjabi Prison coordinate at WWE Battleground. Enroute his win he crushed Randy Orton for the third time and keeping in mind that everyone anticipated that the Singh Brothers would meddle there was a sudden stunning exhibition when The Great Khali came back to enable Mahal to beat Orton.

“Shock is the reaction that I wanted to give to Randy Orton and the WWE universe. It is very hard to shock the WWE Universe nowadays as they have witnessed everything over the years. But tonight we left everyone in awe and wonder,” Mahal said from Philadelphia.

On the arrival of The Great Khali, Mahal uncovered that it was his masterstroke and with the monster’s arrival he is a genuine superpower. “Not only on Smackdown Live but also in the entire WWE, I run the show and call the shots. With The Great Khali behind me, I am truly unstoppable,” he added.


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