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Justin Timberlake made peace with Janet Jackson


Justin Timberlake has demanded he’s “made peace” with Janet Jackson, over 10 years after the two stars ended up noticeably entangled in one of the greatest outrages in TV history.

In 2004, Justin and Janet seemed live in front of an audience amid the Super Bowl Halftime Show, where they played out his melody ‘Shake Your Body’ together.

At the verse “better have you naked by the end of this song”, Justin should remove the front of Janet’s outfit, uncovering her red trim bra, however ended up pulling off the bra also, uncovering her exposed bosom – decorated with an areola shield – for around a large portion of a moment.

The episode was faulted for a “wardrobe malfunction”, an expression which has gone ahead to wind up noticeably a piece of popular culture vocabulary, however after the resulting media furore, Janet’s vocation never extremely recouped.

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