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Kanye West goes on pro-Trump rant after SNL; Chris Evans hits out at rapper’s ‘terrifying’ MAGA tweet


The show’s season debut opened with Matt Damon playing Brett Kavanaugh in a satire of Thursday’s declaration before the Senate Judiciary Committee on rape claims. As the show finished, Kanye made that big appearance wearing a “Make America Great Again” baseball top and made an unscripted expert Trump discourse after the credits rolled.

Recordings of the discourse before long started to course via web-based networking media.

“So often I converse with a white individual about this and they say, ‘How might you like Trump? He’s bigot,’” Kanye said. “Indeed, on the off chance that I was worried about prejudice, I would have moved out of America quite a while prior.” He additionally blamed the adversary Democratic Party for looking to keep individuals reliant on welfare installments and rehashed his enthusiasm for running for president himself in 2020 — when Trump would confront re-decision. His discourse was met with a sprinkling of commendation yet louder booing from the New York group of onlookers. President Donald Trump at that point panned Saturday Night Live yet tweeted adulate for West. Trump tweeted that he didn’t watch the show — it’s “not any more interesting” and “is only a political promotion for the Dems.”