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Margot Robbie wants to surprise audiences with ‘I, Tonya’


Australian actress  Margot Robbie, who is a leader in the race for the Oscars in Best Actress classification, has uncovered that she needed to astonish her fans with this motion picture.

As indicated by a report, the 27-year-old performing artist feels that the characters in the motion picture are stunning, so defective and wrong and you can see a touch of yourself in them now and again.

The ‘Suicide Squad’ star stated, “You’ve got the mockumentary feeling, the very dark comedy, real life events, real life people. You’ve got an event people remember, but have very strong feelings about. These characters are amazing, so flawed and wrong, and yet you empathise with them in a weird way. You can see a bit of yourself in them at times. There was a real opportunity to surprise people.”

She likewise opened up about a greater test that she needed to confront while shooting the motion picture.

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