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Robert Pattinson is ‘talking to his agents’ about another Twilight movie


Robert Pattinson may be prepared to wear those contacts and develop those sideburns once more. In news that is currently question set to get those Twihards in a tizz, RPatz has admitted he is ‘conversing with his operators’ tied in with repeating his part as Edward Cullen in Twilight. The 32-year-old admitted he is prepared to fill Edward’s boots again and play the vampire who became hopelessly enamored with human Bella Swan in the faction motion pictures. It’s a long time since the arrival of the primary motion picture and six years since the arrival of the last, and now it appears Robert is down with by and by copying a youngster for a 6th film. ‘I was actually conversing with my operator about it,’ he told Variety. ‘The measure of time I’ve spent saturating, I am prepared to play 17 immediately. Prepared!’ He additionally kidded he had ‘halted rationally advancing’ around the time he shot the motion pictures.

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