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Selena Gomez releases breakup song ‘It Ain’t Me’ amidst The Weeknd dating rumors

Selena Gomez has gifted the world with its latest breakup anthem. Wednesday the singer let her more than 46 million Twitter followers know that her new song, It Ain’t Me, is “finally here!”
Though the collaboration with Norwegian music producer Kygo deals with a very taxing ex, the song’s upbeat rhythm makes it great for dancing away a toxic relationship.

“Somewhere along the lines/We stopped seeing eye to eye/You were staying out all night/And I had enough,” Gomez sings in the lyrics and continues, “No, I don’t wanna know where you been or where you’re going/But I know I won’t be home/And you’ll be on your own.”

For Jelena theorists, this might conjure up the image of Gomez’s famous ex, Justin Bieber, whom she confirmed she was dating on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2011 after the two attended Vanity Fair’s Oscar party that same year.
The years following have been peppered with rumors of splits, reunions and sightings, as if their Facebook relationship status permanently reads, “It’s complicated.” In 2015, the Sorry singer told Access Hollywood of his ex, “I’m never going to stop loving her.”

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