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Triple H: WWE Hasn’t Provided The Proper Pathways For Indian Wrestlers


Triple H noted in another meeting that WWE hasn’t given Indian wrestlers the best possible street to end up whizzes in the organization. He talked with IANS (by means of The National) where he said that the organization hasn’t given ability from India an unmistakable way to get into the organization. HHH is trusting WWE can turn that around.

“The WWE hasn’t presented the right pathways,” he said. “If you were an athlete in India and you watch WWE and thought you really wanna do this, the pathway wasn’t clear. How would you become WWE superstar nobody really knew. So we are doing some work and, by the end of the year, we will have 11 Indian talents … under training to be the next generation WWE superstar — and it is the most we ever had. And you will see it increase even further over the next few years.”

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