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Who got Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston back together


George Clooney’s fellowship with Brad Pitt everything except disintegrated after ex Angelina Jolie restricted them from seeing each other amid their turbulent marriage, however it shows up the Ocean’s Eleven star has had the last chuckle.

The on-screen character told companions he’s in charge of urging Brad to reignite his sentiment with previous spouse Jennifer Aniston, who George has dependably had a dear kinship with.

Simply a weekend ago, George and Brad were spotted out together without precedent for over five years – denoting another section in their fellowship.

The combine appreciated supper with other Hollywood heavyweights including Sean Penn, Bradley Cooper and Laura Dern in LA, with George notwithstanding utilizing Jen Aniston’s private guardian.

Also, it appears George didn’t keep down in telling supper visitors exactly how glad he is that Brad and Jen have rejoined.

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