Holly Bobo killing suspect found dead in apparent suicide

A man authorities reportedly planned to indict in the 2011 killing of a Tennessee nursing student apparently committed suicide sometime over the weekend, his attorney told a Nashville TV station on Monday.

The investigation into the killing of Holly Bobo has not been smooth. The suicide of Shayne Austin is the latest twist.

Bobo, a 20-year-old nursing student, disappeared in April 2011. Her remains were not found until last September, in Decatur County.

ht_holly_bobo_dm_110415_wmainShayne Austin was never indicted, but was in prosecutors’ sights and was threatened with possible charges.

Austin had been granted immunity in exchange for his cooperation in the case, including from “all charges arising out of the disposal, destruction, burial, and/or concealment of Holly Bobo’s deceased body.”

However, prosecutors later revoked the agreement, saying Austin wasn’t truthful with them. Austin was in the process of suing the state at the time of his death, reports the station.