Goan football’s slow death due to lure

Salu Sawant turned out for Seza FC by day, and took to the stage for Zagor — Goa’s traditional colourful, musical folk theatre — by night. ‘Feast in the morning, football in the afternoon, drama in the evening’ was the Goan way of life. Paddy fields that form the state’s bordering landscape when the sea […]

England give Steve Finn more time

MC Mary Kom enters Asian Championships

Gharti Magar shines for Nepal

Ireland to be missing key players in Denmark

Braun Strowman destroys The Miz


Politics of the Caribbean

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The politics of the Caribbean are diverse for such a relatively small area. These systems can be related to their colonial history. The major political system is democracy, with many different party systems within many of the countries. Party systems are a variety of political parties combined together. These systems […]

DPM rejects retaining 240 constituencies

Six parties registered with EC

Flight accident in Dubai

American Life Style

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