Autumn decor ideas and inspirations

When it starts to get cold outside, it’s time to take care of the comfort of our interiors. Autumn is the best season to recharge the batteries after a summer full of outings, sun and summer meals with family and friends. In this season, after the first weeks spent outside enjoying the new flamboyant colors on the trees, a cozy and warm interior becomes essential. Discover our 7 tips to take advantage of this season and finally adopt an autumn decoration at home!

An interior in the colors of Indian summer

When we think of fall colors, we think of a variety of warm hues. Mustard yellow, moss green, brown, caramel, orange, eggplant, dark red are popular colors for attractive fall decorating. After all, it’s nature that shines in these tones – the foliage of the trees explodes with Indian summer colors and the sky turns orange-red as the sun sets. So that the darker autumn colors do not look too heavy in your interior, it is good to combine them with light and fresh accents. This will soften the overall picture a bit, but at the same time bring more life.

Fall table decoration

Why not use nature’s gifts to decorate your fall table? Adorn it with autumn leaves and flowers, moss, branches, nuts, chestnuts and pumpkins. The fall season is the best time to make your own decorations from objects found in nature. Let your imagination be free! Chestnuts become small animals using toothpicks. This activity is particularly fun for children and involves them in developing the decor in their home! Leaves are also a great way to bring fall into your own four walls. You can decorate the table with those of fire color or dress it with a pretty bouquet, it’s up to you.

Seasonal recipes

Instead of salads, autumn gives pride of place to heartier meals. Soups and broths reappear. Meats too. One of the most classic ingredients in autumn is certainly the pumpkin. In particular the famous pumpkin cream. But it’s also a perfect season for your apple pies, baked apples. It is important to consume seasonal products. To inspire you, find our autumn recipes for young and old.

And then how can we talk about fall without mentioning Halloween. With your children, this is an opportunity to be creative. During this day, let loose to decorate your house with all kinds of accessories worthy of the Adams family mansion! Have fun with your children to decorate the famous pumpkins. It will also be an opportunity to introduce them to dishes made from pumpkin and seasonal vegetables.

Fall is a pleasant, transitional season filled with beautiful colors. This is the perfect opportunity to equip yourself with new accessories and adopt a more cozy atmosphere! Make your home a warm place by giving it a seasonal decoration to welcome winter with serenity!

Fall decoration outside

When the decoration in your four walls is done, you can take care of the decoration outside. Pumpkins with candles placed in front of the front door will be a pleasant source of light. We also recommend decorating the terrace with candles, lanterns, candle holders or string lights. Candles in glass bowls with a mixture of walnuts and chestnuts will be perfect too! If you have more space, you can use raffia or wooden baskets and put the nuts in them.

Late season flowers to celebrate fall

In summer, we take care of the balcony and the terrace, but not necessarily in autumn. And yet, lying in the sun reading, with tea and a warm blanket – isn’t that wonderful? So think about decorating your patio or balcony! Nothing better than adorning them with autumn flowers. Choose between autumn anemones, chrysanthemums, gladioli or marigolds and transform your balcony into a real little flower garden! Finally, if you don’t have a green thumb, dried flowers are made for you! Inside and outside, they bring warmth to your decoration.

The classic: these full of fun pumpkins!

Digging pumpkins is a Halloween activity particularly loved by children. In front of the front door, on the table or in the garden, pumpkins are the perfect decorative objects! A small decorative pumpkin without engraving is also ideal as a table, chest of drawers or sideboard decoration.

The autumn wreath

A fall wreath can adorn your window or front door. Leaves, flowers, branches, fruits, make your own wreath that looks like you.

So that you can create the perfect autumn decoration, we have selected the most beautiful products that will give an authentic look to your interior. Browse our site and choose your favorite accessories.

Decorative activities in autumn

In autumn, it is a fact, it often rains! Young and old sometimes wonder how to occupy autumn days in the rain. At Homary, we have the solution: we decorate! Fall DIY ideas abound. We’ve already touched on the fall wreath and the digging pumpkin, but the possibilities are endless. Do you like decorative accessories? Take advantage of a rainy day to change your curtains, cushions and throws. Are you a tea fan? Store your fall-inspired mugs on a pretty shelf. Do you do photography? Edit your photos, print them and make a nice wall decoration. How about a wall of frames with pictures and quotes about fall? And if you really want to go further and get started in an autumn DIY, we highly recommend making a decorative fireplace mantel! You see, if the weather is nice, enjoy the colors and smells of fall and if the weather is not nice, enjoy your cozy living room decorated for the occasion.