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Watch G-Eazy Transform into a ’70s Hippie and A ’90s Rave Kid


G-Eazy broke out the outfit trunk for his most recent video, shaking return looks from decades past for the Charlie Puth-helped “Calm.”

The Colin Tilley-coordinated video commences with a bloodied and wounded Eazy awakening in a heap of waste, apparently enduring an appalling aftereffect. He staggers into a building that ends up being a sort of entrance, and spends whatever remains of the vid going through time. To start with he downs brew in the Prohibition Era, at that point he’s a horny spouse in the ’50s, and afterward he’s a since a long time ago haired radical delighting in a hallucinogenic ’70s local gathering. The vid ends up at ground zero after Eazy’s change into a ’90s rave kid who keeps running from the cops and in the long run winds up arriving in that same heap of junk.

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