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Arjun Kapoor on Janhvi and Khushi: We Don’t Pretend Everything’s Okay

Back in 2013, in one of his meetings, Arjun Kapoor was heard saying how Sridevi was somewhat his dad’s better half and not his mom. That was no overstatement. Everybody knows about the briskness that had sneaked in after Boney Kapoor and Mona Kapoor (Arjun’s mother) isolated and the previous got hitched to Sridevi. Numerous years after the fact, the family is at last joining together. However, in the event that just hadn’t pursued Sridevi’s disastrous passing! At the point when tested about his condition with sisters Janhvi and Khushi Kapoor, Arjun says it is as yet advancing.

“It’s something that has been developing and as yet advancing. I’ve been extremely legit about it. I’ve not made any affectation saying that we’re an upbeat family and we’ve arranged everything. Along these lines, I couldn’t care less what individuals think; I simply need them [my sisters] to be alright. I must be a decent child to my dad and the side-effect of that is I’ve figured out how to discover two more sisters; they enable me to consider them my sisters and that is expansive hearted on their part,” he told HT.

The first since forever image of every one of them was taken at Sonam Kapoor’s wedding wherein we saw the elder sibling presenting with sisters Anshula (Kapoor), Janhvi, Khushi and their father.

“We took that image together on the grounds that I felt it was the correct activity for us to set up a unified stand saying we are in it together, to make sense of it. That is the feeling we felt after such unfolded. That is the main thing we have done as a unit to give all of you – a picture of saying that we are attempting. Also, that is reality — we are attempting,” he included.

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