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Trump refused to answer whether the country’s gun laws need to be changed



The president and First Lady arrived in Florida and went by the healing facility where casualties of the secondary school slaughter were taken, and Trump encountered some as yet being dealt with.

The president told journalists at Broward Health North Hospital that he met with casualties: ‘Yes I did, yes I did, I did undoubtedly and it’s exceptionally dismal that something like this happened,’ before proceeding to applaud doctor’s facility staff and people on call.

The president declined to answer a correspondent who caught up with ‘Mr. President, do firearm laws should be changed?’

Trump and Melania were seen conversing with Dr. Igor Nichiporenko, an injury specialist at Broward Health North Hospital while in the doctor’s facility foyers before tending to the holding up squeeze pool where his discourse concentrated for the most part on applauding people on call.

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