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Usher’s Los Angeles home burglarized


Usher has had over $820K in gems and money stolen from his home.

The “No doubt!” vocalist wasn’t home when his Los Angeles habitation broken into a month ago, yet he won’t have the capacity to discover the guilty parties utilizing security film since they supposedly took that, as well.

As per a police report acquired by The Blast, Usher’s alienated spouse Grace Miguel announced the robbery subsequent to being told about the break-in by the maid on March 29.

At the point when the staff part had touched base at the property that morning, she “found an impression on the second floor, an imprint on the pad in the lower floor, and the shades to the lower floor window were open.”

When she went to check the account box where surveillance camera film was kept, she “saw that the chronicle box was missing and interfacing wires were cut.”

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