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Why Princess Diana reportedly refused to wear the Chanel logo after her divorce

The late Princess Diana apparently declined to wear Chanel’s logo for the most lamentable reason.

Australian originator Jayson Brunsdon, who helped style the imperial amid a visit to the nation in 1996, revealed to Harper’s Bazaar Australia that everything needed to do with difficult contemplations of her previous spouse, Prince Charles, and their separation.

“I found a couple of Chanel shoes, and I stated, ‘Well these would look extraordinary with the Versace’ and she stated, ‘No, I can’t wear connected Cs, the twofold C’. So I inquired as to why, and she stated, ‘It’s Camilla and Charles,’” Brunsdon said.

Brunsdon included that, since Diana had worn Chanel previously, this refusal was about the planning.

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