10 Best Beer Brands In America

The brew business is encountering remarkable changes at this moment.

Youthful customers are relinquishing great brands like Budweiser for art blends. While marks like Bud Light and Natural Light are still smash hits, numerous shoppers would prefer not to be connected with them.

To discover which lager marks Americans are most glad for, YouGov BrandIndex overviewed shoppers on quality, fulfillment, impression, worth, notoriety and readiness to prescribe.

Here are the main 10 picks as per their outcomes.

1. St. Pauli Girl

IRVINE, CA - JANUARY 12, 2015: A bottle of St. Pauli Girl Beer on a bed of ice. The brand gets its name for it original location, next to St. Paul's Monastery in Bremen. It's now Brewed at the Beck's facility.

St. Pauli Girl lager is prepared in Germany. It’s known for its conventional German taste and is regularly contrasted with Heineken.