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Abby Lee Miller is ‘petrified’ of prison: ‘If people want to kill you, they’ll do it’

Abby Lee Miller answered to the Victorville Federal Correctional Institution in California two weeks prior, where she is serving a 366-day sentence.

Before leaving to serve her jail term, she sat down with The View co-have Jedidiah Bila for one final meeting, which disclosed on Tuesday night for her tell-all Lifetime unique, Dance Moms: Abby Tells All Exclusive.

The previous Dance Moms star said she’s committed heaps of errors however “the number 1 botch being, confiding in other individuals with my cash.”

Mill operator confessed to chapter 11 extortion last June. Mill operator additionally took $120,000 worth of Australian cash into the United States without detailing it, to which she likewise conceded a year ago.

Miller admitted to Bila, “I was stupid, uneducated, didn’t do the research myself. I was in the wrong. What I did was wrong.”


She said she’s afraid of what prison will be like. “I’ve been told not to talk about it because once they know, when they see this and they know, that’s what they’ll go after,” Miller said of what she’s fearful might happen to her in prison. “I’m petrified.”

On the fears that she could be physically abused in prison, Miller admitted that “it’s definitely something that I’m terrified of, yes.”

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