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Ad of the Day: Luxurious campaign with Amber Rose calls out taxes on tampons and pads for Period Equity


The advertisement gets out that these 36 states, by neglecting to order menstrual items as a need and denying them an exception from deals tax,have viably considered periods an extravagance, so says Period Equity, a national law and approach association committed to progressing menstrual access, reasonableness and wellbeing.

The joking effort demonstrates Rose exotically displaying precious stone encrusted gems pieces. As the female voice-over states the lavishness of the pieces, she states: “Where else would you keep something that 36 states tax like a luxury?” as Rose pulls a tampon from the necklace.

The spot and crusade, made by J. Walter Thompson New York and created by The Sweet Shop, propelled at Amber Rose’s OPENed Women’s Conference and yearly SlutWalk on September 30 in Los Angeles.

“We were thrilled to collaborate on this project with JWT and Amber Rose. There’s a long road ahead in the fight for safe and accessible menstrual products for all, as well as instigating open, shame-free conversation around periods. This campaign, coupled with Amber’s unflinchingly strong voice on gender issues, is a smart approach to drumming up much needed discourse around menstrual equity, and calling for systemic change as well,” said Jennifer Weiss-Wolf, co-founder of Period Equity and author of the new book, Periods Gone Public: Taking a Stand for Menstrual Equity.


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