Angie Harmon wardrobe malfunction

Actress Angie Harmon showed a little too much on her Tuesday appearance on “Live with Kelly and Michael.”

After host Kelly Ripa made the “Rizzoli and Isles” star do a spin to show the audience her short dress, Harmon took her perch on her high chair, not realizing that basically all of her right leg was showing – and we mean all of it – until she checked herself out in the show’s monitors.

Harmon, 42, then tugged at and tucked in her dress, answering Michael Strahan’s question about her Texas roots with: “Apparently a lot of me is from Dallas,” referring to her dress snafu, adding with mock horror that the audience could see “part of my bottom.”angie-harmon-2

After chatting about her three daughters and four pet ducks, Harmon also mentioned that her TBS show was back with new episodes, and had also been renewed for a sixth season.

“We did just start shooting Season 6 on Monday,” she said. “Thanks to all of you, so thank you.”

It’s not the first time Harmon has had to deal with misbehaving clothing on a morning show. In 2012 Harmon’s top popped open while she was plugging “Rizzoli & Isles” on “Fox & Friends.”

“Hang on my blouse just came undone,” she laughed then, rebuttoning on live TV. “And I’m back!”