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Beauty queen hands back crown when asked to lose weight: I won’t change for anyone


Zoiey Smale, 28, of Northampton, England, won the title of Miss United Kingdom back in June and was set to progress to the Miss United Continents show in Ecuador in late September.

Smale disclosed to TODAY that she as of late got a call from her national executive who educated her the universal chief of the opposition needed her “to lose weight and go on some sort of diet plan.”

“I was so upset and shocked because I had worked so hard in the run up to the national title. I took some time to think about my decision. Do I go anyway out of protest? Or hand my title over. I made the decision to hand my title over as I didn’t want to support a company who didn’t love me for me,” the mother of one said.

Solicitations for input from the Miss United Continents show were not returned.

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