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Brad Pitt: Leaving Jennifer Aniston for Jolie was ‘one of my biggest mistakes’


This was uncovered two or three days back by a source near the Hollywood performer who addressed As indicated by the newspaper, Pitt has calmed down and is glancing back at his choices in a more clearer light.

“He’s come to realize that leaving Jen for Angelina was one of the biggest mistakes of his life,” said the source about the actor. “And while he’s not in love with Jen, he realizes how much he does love her. Brad keeps telling friends that he’s seeing everything more clearly.”

That may simply be excessively late since Jennifer Aniston is joyfully hitched to Justin Theroux, who featured with her in their hit flick Wanderlust. According to the source, Pitt could never destroy her marriage to Theroux however in the event that given the possibility, would get impractically included with Aniston instant.

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