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Bruce Springsteen questions President-elect Donald Trump’s competency

Bruce Springsteen talked about Donald Trump’s looming administration and addressed whether the tycoon had the competency and experience to hold the title of president in his hour-long WTF discussion with Marc Maron.

“I’ve felt disgust before, but never the kind of fear that you feel now,” Springsteen said of the coming Trump administration.

“It’s as simple as the fear of, is someone simply competent enough to do this particular job? Forget about where they are ideologically. Do they simply have the pure competence to be put in the position of such responsibility?”

Springsteen conceded he comprehended why Trump won: Many Americans, similar to the characters who populate Springsteen’s music, were  “effected deeply by deindustrialization and globalization and the technological advances and you have been left behind, and someone comes along and says ‘I’m gonna bring the jobs back,’” too Trump’s guarantees to battle against fear based oppression with Islamophobia and illicit movement by building a divider.

“These are very powerful and simple ideas. They’re lies, they can’t occur. But if you’ve struggled for the past 30 or 40 years – and this has been the theme of much of my creative life for all those years – if someone comes along and offers you something else… it’s a compelling choice,” Springsteen said.

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