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Carpenter Placed A Piece Of Wood In Boiling Water. The End Results Were Amazing

This carpenter has a unique method for creating something that looks impossible to make. It’s difficult to explain exactly what he’s making, because it’s not quite like anything else. When you look at it though, it seems like it should be impossible to create. It’s made from wood, and dipping just one piece of it in boiling water is the trick to making this seemingly impossible structure. When the wood is boiled, it becomes malleable, and after boiling it again you can set it back to its original position.

The wood used is pine wood, but most types of wood should work. According to eHow, you should boil the wood for at least 10 minutes. This process of shaping wood has been used to make musical instruments and furniture dates back to the middle ages. I’ve definitely never tried it before, but after seeing how easy it is I might just give it a shot!