Check out iZombie’ Season 2 Spoilers !


Out of all the primary characters in CW’s “iZombie,” it appears like just Liv Moore’s (Rose McIver) family and Detective Clive Babineaux (Malcolm Goodwin) stay ignorant that she is a zombie.

It is hard to understand how Clive can stay insensible of Liv’s mystery, particularly since he is a criminologist who invests a considerable measure of energy with her. However, Goodwin said that his character will keep on being kept unware of present circumstances.

“I think [show creator] Rob [Thomas] said it’s gonna stay in the box as long as possible,” Goodwin told Comic Book Resources. “Obviously, as a fan it will be interesting to see how he would react and see how his world is just turned upside down and he’s in on what we all know. I think it’s fun.”

Goodwin included that Clive has “burrow vision,” since he is so centered around conveying the homicide casualties’ executioners to equity that he doesn’t pay consideration on the progressions Liv experiences as she devours distinctive brains.

When he at long last takes in reality, in any case, Goodwin ensures that Clive will be stunned.

“I think he would have a real world honest reaction if it does happen. He would make a lot of faces and a lot of sounds,” he said. “But that means, for Clive, that means there’s a Santa Claus; that means there’s a Tooth Fairy; that means there’s vampires. It opens up this whole entire Pandora’s Box if that stuff happens in his world, the way he sees it.”

In the interim, official maker Rob Thomas told TV Insider that they are in “awesome spirits” subsequent to the show has been restored for a third season.

“It means our crew has jobs for next year, we have a show. It’s great news to get right at this moment,” he said.

“iZombie” season 2 airs every Tuesday on The CW.