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Chicago specialists: We’re thoroughly not judging Trump’s well-done steak, ketchup

Foodies are aghast at reports that President Donald Trump went out this weekend to a high-end Washington steakhouse he owns and ordered his 30-day dry-aged strip steak cooked well-done, with ketchup.

“As if the entree would be accompanied by a sippy cup,” sneered Washington Post food critic Tom Sietsema of the president’s faux pas, suggesting “a moment of silence for the cow.”
Rare or medium-rare steaks may be a more traditionally sound choice, but Chicago steakhouse employees who make a living serving choice cuts in one of the nation’s finest steak cities can’t afford to be so judgmental — at least, not publicly.

Between 10 and 20 percent of Chicago diners order their steaks well-done, an informal survey of steakhouses conducted by Chicago Inc. on Tuesday suggests.

“Look, it’s your food,” said Joe Neis, general manager at Rosebud in the Gold Coast neighborhood. “We’ll put your cellphone in the deep fryer if you want.”

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