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Drake’s Ex Sophie Brussaux Is Pregnant And The Baby Might Be His


Drake will be a father if the latest rumors are true.

An Instagram model  named Sophie Brussaux, who professedly had a fling with Drake, shared a photo of her baby bump  and the Internet appears to trust that she is conveying Drake’s infant.

How does Rihanna feel about this? She couldn’t care less in light of the fact that she is over the Canadian music star.

Keep in mind January, Drake was found in Amsterdam, Netherlands with Brussaux having an extremely sentimental supper together?

All things considered, now bits of gossip are guaranteeing that Brussaux, a grown-up motion picture star, who used to pass by the stage name Rosee Divine, is conveying the rapper’s unborn child.

This week, Brussaux shared a sweet picture that has the Internet humming. The photograph highlighted Miss Brussaux in a flower dress sitting close to a delightful lake.

The mother-to-be showed off  her baby bump and utilized the inscription to uncover she was 23 weeks along.

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