Duke University Rejected by Student

Two new search warrants shed light on a Durham Police investigation into an alleged rape at a Duke University fraternity including a police search of a treehouse behind the fraternity.

Police had already searched the Alpha Delta Phi fraternity and Thursday, they executed a second search warrant at the home next door to the Fraternity house on Chapel Hill Road.

A search warrant released Monday shows police were looking for videos potentially recorded by a mounted camera on that home’s front door. According to the warrant, police were also looking for a comforter and sheets, a tank top, two posters, and a used condom and its wrapper.siobhan

A second search warrant released late in the day shows that in late-January, police searched a treehouse in the large yard behind both houses. The warrant had been sealed for more than a month.

According to the search warrant for the tree house, police were looking for the victim’s clothes, including a sweater, bra, and pearl earring, as well as items that could be used for DNA collection, such as a beer can, cigarette butt, and piece of a blue carpet.

The house is next door to a home where a Duke student reported she was raped at a fraternity party in January.

So far, no charges have been filed.