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Ellen DeGeneres Surprises Jimmy Kimmel With a Special Dedication to His Son Billy


In the event that there’s anybody we can depend on for a decent cry nowadays, it’s Jimmy Kimmel. The current year’s Oscars have has taken watchers along one passionate ride in the previous a year in the wake of uncovering last May that his child Billy was conceived with hereditary coronary illness that required quick surgeries.

The late-night have has since influenced a few enthusiastic requests on his show for the sake of helpful wellbeing to watch over all and fund-raising for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. He’s likewise conveyed sincere monologs in the wake of a few of the year’s tragedies, including the latest shooting in Parkland, Fla. All the while, he’s shed numerous tears.

“It’s embarrassing to me. I try not to cry,” Kimmel told DeGeneres.”I pinch my hand.”

Well, the self-admitted “crier” was in for yet another emotional surprise—this time a happy one!—when the daytim

e host revealed she had a special secret up her sleeve.

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