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Emma Stone’s Memorable Return and Heartfelt Homage to Husband Dave McCary

7_-Emma-Stones-Memorable-Return-and-Heartfelt-Homage-to-Husband-Dave-McCaryIn a dazzling return to the Saturday Night Live stage, Emma Stone not only became the youngest member of the coveted five-timers club but also shared a heartwarming moment about her special connection with the show and her husband, Dave McCary.

During her SNL monologue on Saturday, December 2, Stone, 35, expressed her gratitude for the memories and friendships she has made on the iconic sketch comedy series. Most notably, she fondly reminisced about meeting her husband, Dave McCary, on the SNL set. With a radiant smile, Stone shared, “I know he’s pretty camera-shy, he’s not a performer, but it’s such a special night for us. I’d love for the cameras to cut to him if that’s OK.”

As the camera panned to a straight-faced Lorne Michaels, the showrunner of SNL, instead of McCrary, the audience erupted in laughter. Stone playfully blew a kiss toward Michaels, jokingly declaring her love for him. The charming moment added a delightful touch to an evening already marked by Stone’s induction into the five-timers club.

Fellow club members Tina Fey and Candice Bergen joined Stone during her monologue, congratulating her on officially becoming the youngest member at 35. Fey, 53, humorously acknowledged that she is the second youngest at 53, while Bergen, 77, celebrated Stone’s milestone as making “her story.”

The SNL milestone holds extra significance for Stone and McCary, as they first crossed paths on the show’s set in December 2016. McCary directed Stone in a sketch titled “Wells for Boys,” and their connection deepened in the following months, leading to their public debut as a couple in June 2017.

Maintaining a low-profile relationship, Stone and McCary eventually got engaged, with McCary announcing the joyous news via Instagram in December 2019. The couple secretly tied the knot in 2020, and their family expanded with the arrival of their daughter, Louise, in March 2021.

Stone, who had openly expressed her desire to start a family, embraced motherhood while continuing her acting career. In an interview with Elle in September 2018, she revealed how her perspective on having children evolved. Stone’s return to work after giving birth was fully supported by McCary, reflecting the couple’s mutual understanding of ambitions and aspirations.

As Stone navigated the challenges of balancing Hollywood ambitions with motherhood, her daughter, Louise, became a cherished part of her life. The insider revealed, “She’s able to bring Louise to the set with her, and that makes a huge difference. There is no shortage of people in her circle willing to help with Louise — and Emma is grateful to them.”

Stone and McCary’s relationship, strengthened by parenthood, reflects a deep connection and mutual support. The source affirmed, “They love their little family. Louise has brought them so much joy, and they’re growing and learning every day. They’re in this together, and Emma still has the Hollywood ambition and drive to do her best work, believing that doing what she loves will also make her a better mom.”

In a night filled with laughter, love, and historic achievements, Emma Stone’s return to SNL was not just a celebration of her comedic prowess but also a testament to the enduring romance she shares with her husband Dave McCary. As they continue their journey together, fans eagerly anticipate more glimpses of this Hollywood power couple making waves both on and off the screen.