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First Dates Viewers Confused By Kate Middleton Lookalike

The big day isn’t until Saturday, but Royal Wedding fever is already well under way – even everyone’s favourite dating show, First Dates, is getting in on the action.

Last night, the Channel 4 programme aired a Royal Wedding-themed episode in celebration of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle getting hitched tomorrow, and it featured one person looks rather like another royal bride – Kate Middleton.

Twenty-nine-year-old Jodie from Chelmsford makes her living as a Kate Middleton lookalike and has appeared in national newspapers in photos parodying the couple’s life.

However, unlike the real Kate Middleton, Jodie didn’t have a prince to call her own – or any babies, for that matter – so went on the show in order to change that.

“I don’t normally tell people, ‘Hi, I’m Jodie. By the way I’m a Kate Middleton lookalike’,” she explained on the show.

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