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First look at Death Wish slated as ‘pro-NRA’

Bruce Willis is back – and this time, he has got all guns  blasting in the first trailer for chief Eli Roth’s change of the 1974 Charles Bronson great.

MGM has released  the first look at the new Death Wish, which indicates Bruce Willis’ Dr Paul Kersey as a hoodie-clad vigilante who meanders the roads of Chicago. He’s resolved to discover the general population who executed his better half.

The film is directed  by horror wunderkind Eli Roth, who’s best known for his Hostel and Cabin Fever movies.

The trailer has likewise exhibited the darker comedic components of the new film, which have been embedded into the redo, instead of the dismal tone set down in the first flick.


In any case, not every person is energetic about the new blackly clever tone of the film, with the web at the end of the day responding rapidly to the 2 minute trailer.

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