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Gerard Butler finds 50 Cent very bubbly

Actor Gerard Butler had a ton of fun shooting ‘Sanctum of Thieves’ with 50 Cent, and said the rapper-performing artist is amusing and sweet. “50 Cent (given name Curtis Jackson) is a bubbly sort of a man. He’s such a clever and a sweet person and is continually grinning,” Butler said in an announcement.

50 Cent will be viewed as Enson in the wrongdoing adventure, set in Los Angeles, by Christian Gudegast. ‘Cave of Thieves’ takes after the meeting and associated lives of a first class unit of the LA County Sheriff’s area of expertise and the state’s best bank theft group.

On 50 Cent’s part, Butler stated, “With his character Enson, he takes the gravitas that he has and lets it shine and when he speaks, it’s crazy. During the read through, he barely raised his voice but when he was talking, you don’t listen to anyone in the room more than you listen to him.”

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