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He Pokes His Phone With A Knife. What Happens Next Made Me Jump Out Of My Seat

Warning: don’t try this at home!

We can safely say we were not expecting this to happen. Watch as this brave gentlemen perforates his phone’s battery using the tip of a knife, causing a reaction that makes it explode into flames!

While reactions like this are pretty rare, they do happen and they have killed people. Global News reports that most phones and laptops use lithium-ion batteries like the one seen in this video because they’re a lightweight, powerful option for small portable devices.

Unfortunately (and frighteningly), these batteries are prone to “violent reactions” when overheated and/or over-charged, which isn’t outside the realm of possibility of happening given how fragile the encasings on some of these devices are.

While this gentleman is clearly poking and prodding to create the reaction, we’re glad we know about the consequences! Here at SF Globe, we had no idea about this phenomenon and can safely say we’ll be keeping our cutlery far away from our cell phones from here on out.

Have you ever heard of this happening? Sound off in the comments below and make sure to share if you found it as crazy as we did!

Source: sfglobe