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“I dont want to chop up animals” Says This Five Year Old Girl

A five-year-old girl has made a tearful speech about why she does not want to eat animals in a video posted on Facebook.
Indie-Rose, from Dublin, Ireland, becomes extremely emotional when she learns some home truths as the family prepare a turkey dinner.
‘I really don’t want to eat animals – they’re so nice. Why do people chop them up? I don’t want them to be chopped up,’ she sobs after her mother’s partner explains where meat comes from.

Asked why she doesn’t want to eat meat, little Indie-Rose said: ‘Animal people are nice’ and that ‘farmers shouldn’t chop people up. I don’t want to eat a horsey’.
After being told that people do not usually eat horse, she wailed, ‘but pigs are nice too, and chickens and cows.’
The family home video, which has had more than nine million views on Facebook, left her mother Nicola Moore shocked.
‘My partner was preparing dinner and Indie wanted to help. He had gotten some turkey from the butcher’s, she asked who had chopped it up and that’s how it all started,’she told.

After wiping away her tears, Indie-Rose is heard wisely saying, ‘If this is how we keep chopping them up, there’ll be no more animals’