Jacqueline: “The WWE Hall of Fame Induction Means So Much to Me”


FOX Sports about her just-announced WWE Hall of Fame induction for 2016. Check out some excerpts:

On her reaction to being inducted: “I was so overjoyed. It’s a great honor, it’s the highest honor to receive in WWE, and to be in my home town… it means so much to me.”

On if there are any current WWE Divas that remind her of herself: “I think Naomi and Sasha Banks are pretty tough women. But there’s a lot of talent in WWE right now. Naomi kind of reminds me of me, or Jazz. There’s a lot of talented women. I think that’s because of the trainers.”

WWE Cruiserweight Champion Chavo Guerrero’s open challenge is answered by the most unlikely of superstars.

On what she’s been up to: “On the record, I’m not retired. I’m just not active right now. I keep busy. If push comes to shove, I can step in the ring right now. I might be rusty, but you don’t forget. It’s just in you, you don’t forget that… I’m keeping myself busy. I’m painting now, I do art paintings and drawings. That keeps me pretty busy.”

Three of the toughest ladies in WWE battle it out for the Woman’s Championship.

Molly Holly and Jacqueline do battle in the Main Event. From Heat, 10/27/02.