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Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes Spotted Holding Hands on Romantic Beach Walk

For over four years, bits of gossip have encompassed Katie Holmes, Jamie Foxx, and their evident under-the-radar sentiment. For a couple of extremely popular individuals they’ve figured out how to maintain a strategic distance from the cameras for a long time, however in the most recent year they were by all accounts attempting to cover up, even seen in May loading up a private plane in Paris, where Foxx was recording Robin Hood. In the meantime, tabloids asserted that the two were “prepared to open up to the world.”

Furthermore, now, maybe, that magnificent time has come. A photo on TMZ catches the two clasping hands on the shoreline in Malibu—not precisely strolling a celebrity lane together or making it Instagram-official, however the main open show of warmth saw from these two in nature.

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