Justin Bieber turns 21and can legally drink

The Prince of Pop celebrating turning the landmark year of 21 – which means he is finally of legal drinking age in the US, where he lives and spends a majority of his time.

Justin Bieber went all out for his 21st birthday party. The singer reportedly rented an entire Caribbean island in honor of his special day, and a new video shows Justin’s epic night getting off to a great start. It’s not just Justin’s birthday — he’s finally legal to drink!

With so many hit songs, controversies and a vast legion of Beliebers to his name, it’s hard to believe he’s only 21. In reality, he’s been trying to shed his bubblegum images for years (see the gallery above for evidence).

But, as far as we can tell from the Beebs’ social media activity in the past 24 hours, he’s “grateful to be alive” and loves “everybody.” His fans, who made his birthday Sunday a worldwide trending topic, probably agree.