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Kanye West Is Fighting For $10M In Insurance Money

Kanye West


After Kanye West drop his visit a year ago and set aside some time for himself in the consequence of Kim Kardashian’s burglary and some bizarre conduct amid a stop in California, he and his organization anticipated that some protection cash would recover the money that would have originated from the missed visit dates. All things considered, as indicated by The Hollywood Reporter, regardless they’re holding up. So Kanye and Very Good Touring, Inc., his organization, are suing Lloyd’s of London for a cool $10 million.


West’s legitimate group asserts that Lloyd’s is slowing down on making the installments because of the way that Kanye’s restorative examination after the cancelation discovered pot in his framework. In the recording, which was submitted in California, Very Good Touring says that it documented a claim two days after West was admitted to UCLA Neuropsychiatric Hospital and hasn’t gotten any kind of installment just about eight months after the fact.

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