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Martin Garrix Releases His Full EP with His New Single Feat. Pierce Fulton and Mike Shinoda – ‘Waiting for Tomorrow’


Today denotes the arrival of the last single on Martin Garrix’s new EP, BYLAW. The extraordinary name of the EP originates from the main letter of the majority of the tunes included on it. B – Breach, Y – Yottabyte, L – Latency, A – Acess, W – Waiting For Tomorrow. The last track to be discharged, ‘Sitting tight For Tomorrow’ is ostensibly the most foreseen.

‘Sitting tight For Tomorrow’ is a coordinated effort with Pierce Fulton and highlights vocals from Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda. The single conveys a more profound enthusiastic weight after the unfortunate going of Chester Bennington and is all around an exquisite record.

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