Miley Cyrus changing her ways



Miley Cyrus hosts walked out on her get-together adoring friends.

The ‘Wrecking Ball’ hitmaker rejoined with former life partner Liam Hemsworth prior this year – more than three years after they split – and is quick to demonstrate she has changed and put her wild courses behind her.

A source said: “She either doesn’t answer their calls or says she’s not going out. Liam never liked that she got crazy, so Miley’s making big changes. She doesn’t want to screw it up.”

Rather, the 23-year-old magnificence is investing the greater part of her energy at the ‘Yearning Games’ on-screen character’s Malibu home, doing all that she can for him to be agreeable.

The source told  US Weekly magazine: “She has been cooking and cleaning for Liam, waiting on him hand and foot.

“She wants to make sure she keeps him.”

In spite of their issues previously, Miley and Liam, 26, are sure their relationship will last this time around.

The source said: “They know what they have is real. Miley needed some time to grow up, but she feels ready for this now.”

It was as of late asserted that in the wake of getting back together, the couple – who split in September 2013 following three years together – are likewise wanting to wed once more, yet there was no enormous proposition from Liam.

A source said: “It’s true, the engagement is back on. It’s been a whirlwind but they’re both totally in love with each other and decided to pick up where they left off.

“There was no big proposal this time, they just talked about it and Miley decided to put the ring back on.

“She’s told friends that she feels as if she’s come full circle.”