Millie Bobby Brown’s ‘Damsel’ Sparks Sequel Speculation, Will Elodie Return?

74_-Cover-ImageMillie Bobby Brown’s latest Netflix venture, ‘Damsel,’ is making waves and slicing its way into the streaming giant’s most-watched films list. While fans have embraced the medieval drama, the burning question remains: could there be a sequel in store for Brown’s courageous heroine?

In ‘Damsel,’ Brown portrays Elodie, a damsel in distress with a modern twist—she doesn’t rely on a prince for salvation; instead, she faces challenges head-on. The film follows Elodie’s journey as she agrees to marry Prince Henry, only to discover that she’s been sacrificed by the royal family to appease an ancient debt, confronting a fire-breathing dragon in a fight for survival.

Brown shared insights into the film’s unconventional narrative, highlighting how it subverts traditional expectations. Speaking to Netflix, Brown emphasized, “It subverts what you expect. You’re expecting the prince to turn around and save her, and … no. Don’t wait for the prince.”

Since its release on March 8, ‘Damsel’ has consistently dominated Netflix’s global top 10 most-watched films, reaching an impressive 50.8 million views within its first week and maintaining strong viewership thereafter. The film’s popularity places it on course to join Netflix’s esteemed top 10 most popular movies ever, potentially surpassing current titles like ‘Extraction’ starring Chris Hemsworth.

‘Damsel’ introduces a compelling ensemble cast, with Ray Winstone portraying Lord Bayford, Elodie’s father, who makes a perilous deal with Queen Isabelle of Aurea (played by Robin Wright) to secure their land. The narrative unfolds as Elodie navigates unexpected challenges orchestrated by the royal family.

Angela Bassett also stars in ‘Damsel’ as Lady Bayford, Elodie’s stepmother, adding depth to the film’s ensemble.74_-ImageAudiences have resonated with Brown’s performance and the film’s inventive plot twists, as evidenced by social media discussions highlighting these standout elements. Reviews on platforms like Rotten Tomatoes reflect mixed sentiments, with critics and audiences offering varying perspectives on the film’s merits.

With ‘Damsel’ rapidly gaining traction, speculation abounds regarding the potential for a sequel. Director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo has expressed openness to continuing Elodie’s story, contingent on audience feedback and reception.

In a recent podcast interview with Inside Total Film, Fresnadillo shared his enthusiasm for a sequel, emphasizing the importance of gauging audience reactions: “I mean, I will be so happy to do a sequel for Damsel. But obviously, we have to wait to see what the audience thinks and how they react to the movie.”

‘Damsel’ boasts a reported budget of $60 million, positioning it within the mid-range of Netflix’s top 10 films in terms of production costs. Despite this, the film has demonstrated its ability to captivate audiences and generate significant viewership.

As the medieval drama continues to captivate audiences worldwide, fans eagerly await updates on the possibility of a ‘Damsel’ sequel. With strong viewership numbers and positive reception, the prospect of Elodie’s next adventure remains a tantalizing possibility in the realm of Netflix’s blockbuster offerings.

In conclusion, Millie Bobby Brown’s compelling performance in ‘Damsel’ has propelled the film into Netflix’s spotlight, sparking discussions about its potential for a sequel and solidifying Brown’s status as a dynamic force in streaming entertainment.